Admission Requirements

Admission requierment at Miami Arts Design Education School Admission requierment at Miami Arts Design Education School

Miami Arts & Design Education (M.A.D.E) is a unique academy, built for students interested in pursuing a career in the creative fields. We have a team of Admissions Representatives ready to answer all of your questions to see if M.A.D.E. is right for you and guide you through the admissions process. Each student’s history and experience is different so during our interview process, we evaluate each student’s academic history as well as any transferring credits that could apply to their program track of choice.

We encourage prospective students to review each program available on our website and then schedule an interview with an Admissions Representative through our contact page.

Through its unique community collaborations, distinctive academic programs, and creative activity, M.A.D.E’s vision is to prepare its graduates as leaders in a society that requires conceptual skills, technical abilities and a unique combination of creativity.


• Resume

• High School Diploma (or equivalent)

• Enrollment Agreement

*We accept international student applications. If student’s native language is other than English, verification of English proficiency is required.


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