9 Creative Interview Questions for Designers (With Tips!)

M.A.D.E. -  Creative Interview Questions for Designers (With Tips!) M.A.D.E. - Creative Interview Questions for Designers (With Tips!)
At first, a design job interview may seem pretty straightforward. You, the designer, present your portfolio and talk about something you know very well – yourself. But employers are often looking for creative individuals that can really think on their toes. We’ve compiled a list of creative job interview questions for designers or creative job candidates, along with tips for delivering the best answers.

1. Tell me about your trip to Iceland.
Tip: Focus on describing the senses. Think about smells, sounds, visuals, and feelings. Who cares if you’ve never been to Iceland?

2. What is your philosophy towards your work?
Tip: Show that you take your work seriously and that you have a true belief in what you do.

3. How do you define “good design”?
Tip: Think about the position you are interviewing and the company – make your answer reflect their mission.

4. How many soccer balls would fit in this room?
Tip: Don’t just give a number without an explanation and make sure to show your creative side. Maybe the balls aren’t inflated?

5. If you were a brand, what would your slogan be?
Tip: You may not have to be a copywriter at your next job but this interview question is always a good test to see if you have an eye for what’s catchy.

6. What do you think is a designer’s most common mistake?
Tip: They’re trying to see if you can guess what problems they’ve had with creative professionals in the past. Try to get creative here but stick along the lines of accepting criticism well, not following client guidelines, etc.

7. If you were a car, what car would you be and why?
Tip: Have fun with this question and pick a car that really defines your personality. Try to give details of the car’s design and features and how it relates to you. Also, mention how other people may perceive the car.

8. Tell me about something you’ve designed but that you didn’t include in your portfolio?
Tip: Don’t mention anything that you didn’t include because you are worried of what people think or that you didn’t think was good enough. Speak highly of things that are not included in your portfolio. Ps. It’s always a perk to mention that you design on your free time (because you love your job!).

9. Would you rather manage or be managed?
Tip: This is a tricky question and you don’t want to pigeonhole yourself into one answer. Explain different scenarios where you don’t mind managing or being managed.
Have great answers to the questions above that have worked for you in the past? Or want to share some of your favorite interview questions? Leave them in the comments below.

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