Agency Hiring Manager Shares 4 Major Resume Tips for Designers

M.A.D.E. -  Agency Hiring Manager Shares 4 Major Resume Tips for Designers M.A.D.E. - Agency Hiring Manager Shares 4 Major Resume Tips for Designers
Ever wished you could read a hiring manager’s mind when your resume made it’s way into the “no” pile? We took a walk with Jessica, Director of Recruitment, at Outsmart Labs, a digital agency based in Miami, Florida who shared her insider advice on how to improve your designer resume.

Freelancer? Don’t call yourself a CEO
I always lose interest as soon as I see CEO on a designer's resume. Yes, you freelanced, most designers do that, but managing projects and your own payroll doesn’t really make you a CEO. Let’s be honest, it doesn’t seem great that you’re going from CEO to Jr. Art Director. Instead of CEO, give yourself a title that really represents what you did more than 50% of the time, which likely weren’t CEO duties.

PDF portfolio? What year is it?!
I always get slightly frustrated when a job candidate sends me a heavy PDF file with all their works inside. There’s plenty of free website builders out there to get your portfolio online. Now, it just seems unprofessional and frankly outdated when a designer doesn’t have a simple link to view their portfolio of work.

Awards are definite brownie points.
For most other positions I recruit for I wouldn’t say this but for designers, I actually look for award and achievements in their resume. Designers have so many opportunities to submit their works for recognition so when I come across a candidate that took the initiative and won, I’m always impressed.

Software. List them all.
Whenever I post a job description for an open position, I always sit down with the team and ask them for all the major and minor software skills they’re looking for. This way we don’t have to waste a second on training. So list all the software you’ve ever had experience with – even (and actually, especially) project management and time management tools.

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