Be Self-Employed with a Career in Arts & Design

M.A.D.E. -  Be Self-Employed with a Career in Arts & Design M.A.D.E. - Be Self-Employed with a Career in Arts & Design

Working for yourself is equally fulfilling and frightening. While being self-employed means that you may not be able to count on a paycheck being deposited into your bank account every other Friday, it also means you are your own boss. It means you might get paid from one client on a Wednesday and others on a Sunday.

It means your life belongs to you. You can choose your clients as opposed to being assigned to clients you may have never had a passion to work for. Freelancing is not for everyone, but for those pursuing a career in Arts & Design, it is an important option to investigate. Whether you work in the field of graphic design, architectural drafting or interior design, you’ll find that being self-employed can bring a sense of creative satisfaction that is very difficult to find elsewhere. It also gives you the freedom to expand your skills with a graphic design course or other notable certification within your area of expertise.

Here are a few of the top reasons why pursuing a freelance career in the industry of arts & design may be right for you:

1) Choose Your Clients & Follow Your Passion
When you work for a particular company, the clients you work with will not be up to you. While you may be assigned a client you love from time-to-time, it’s highly unlikely that you will be passionate about every project you pump out. However, when you are self-employed, you have more free range to select the clients that you are most excited to work with. This free time will also allow you to expand your skillset with a graphic design course or other certification that will allow you to take on a varied client base.

2) Branch Out into Similar Industries & Expand your Skillset
Freelancing gives you the opportunity to delve into various new areas related to your craft. For example, you may be a graphic designer that encounters a client in need of web design as well. They don’t need anything too fancy right off the bat, but they love your graphic design skills. This is the perfect opportunity to invest in a little additional design education to beef up your web design skills and add to your portfolio. Then, the next time you approach a new client interaction, you cannot only offer them services related to what you learned in your graphic design course, but web design as well.

3) Create New Connections
Freelancing allows you the time to attend events and meet-ups in your area that are perfect for connecting with the right people to make your self-employment successful. After all, part of the excitement of being self-employed is the hunt for that next amazing project. Attending events that are set up by your educational institution are often the most fruitful, as you will be able to make multiple connections with people in similar industries. For example, you may be an expert web designer, but feel like your skills creating originally drawn designs are not quite ready for the professional level. Networking events allow you to meet the right people to both collaborate with and learn from to enhance your career in the industry of arts & design

4) Don’t Let Finances Scare You!
Many people that start their own business often feel that it takes a ton of money to get started. However, this is not necessarily true. Sure, if you’d like to rent an office space, pay for Internet & phone service, hire additional staff and pay for a lawyer, then there will be a great deal of overhead expenses. However, if you have a computer, the software you need to perform your duties and a solid Internet connection, then there is no need to spend excess money to build your brand. You can be self-employed without a fancy office. Start small, test the waters and be sure this is the lifestyle that is right for you. At some point, you may reach a stage where opening a full-fledged office and hiring a staff is necessary, but until then, a home office, shared office space or simply the comfy couch in a coffee shop will do just fine.

Overall, your best resource when it comes to being self-employed is you! If you are not personally driven to make the best happen with your career, then you are destined to go nowhere. We all have our place in life. While some of us are more comfortable being a part of a business, others are more enticed by the ability to prove their singular worth. In the end, it’s up to the individual to make the most out of a career in arts & design, whether they are self-employed or employed by a company. Be sure that you are clear on what you want and need for your own personal career path before committing to anything.

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