6 free tools to create a digital art portfolio

6 free tools to create a digital art portfolio 6 free tools to create a digital art portfolio

As a creative working in today’s industry, it’s important to have an art portfolio - but not just any portfolio - a digital art portfolio. When employers review resumes, they are also looking at portfolios to see work samples each candidate has created. Since resumes have moved to digital versions, so should your art portfolio. To help you create yours, here are 6 free websites you can use to prepare your digital portfolio.


Behance is possibly the most popular place for creatives to post the creative work, especially if you regularly use Adobe’s suite of products. As it’s part of the Adobe’s package of products, sharing your work directly from the software you use to create it is quick and simple. Some of Behance’s features include, featured artist, sorting work into collections, and linking to your social media pages. However, the convenience comes at as cost because you are not able to Weebly (*)customize the layout of your page.


If you’re looking for more flexibility in the way you display your work, PathBrite can be an option. They’re targeted towards students so the platform is easier to use and already set up for you to display your work. It has more options to customize your page’s layout, without needing to know how to code. The downside is the limited number themes, so your portfolio may have lots of similarities to other students using the platform. Some features include a navigation menu and the ability to group your work into projects.

Google Sites

If you’re looking for more freedom to create a design all your own, Google recently completely redesigned their Google Sites platform. They’ve made it simple to build a custom website with feature that allow you to connect Google apps including maps and calendar. It’s as simple as dragging and dropping the features and items you want onto your website. This is especially helpful if your art files and creative work are already on Google Drive, setting up your digital portfolio will take no time!

Weebly (*)

If you prefer to use platform from a company that specializes in web creation, Weebly can be a good option. They have free plans with the option to upgrade for more features. Limitations to the free version include a Weebly subdomain, Weebly Ads on your website, and limited to 500MB. On the plus side, just like Google Sites, it is a drag and drop platform so no coding skills are required! The only drawback is the limited design options. You’re often times limited to the template you pick.

Wix (*)

Similar to Weebly, Wix was built solely for making websites and has similar limitation like 500MB storage, Wixsite subdomain, and a Wix ad on your website. You can also, add features like Google Analytics, increased storage and the removal of the Wix Ad. You can further customize your website with apps from the Wix App Market. Some favorite are: a Pro Gallery for all your creative work, Photo Album, Right Click Protect, Contact Form, Video Player, and Online Business Card.

Wordpress (*)

Wordpress may give you the most design freedom. You have a couple design themes to pick from, then the ability to edit those themes. Wordpress is built primarily for bloggers, so this may be the best option for someone who publishes pieces of work often. Not only can you group them into categories, the blog layout makes it easy for people to explore your work in a chronological order.

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