How to Start an Event Design Business

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Event design and planning is a big industry. Weddings, corporate events, entertainment events, and conferences are planned and designed very carefully, but event professionals are also needed for marketing and branding experiences. This is a creative type of career that comes with various benefits.

There is one other great benefit of beginning a career in event design, and that is the fact that it allows you to become an entrepreneur. If you have always dreamed of being your own boss and you love event design, starting your own event design business is a real possibility. Before you jump into the deep end, though, find out what it takes and just how to start an event planning business that will be successful.

What is an Event Designer?

Event design and planning is the art and business of crafting and putting on great parties, conferences, meetings, and other types of events. A designer is different from a planner, but many professionals do both jobs, especially when in business for themselves. The job of event planning involves all the logistics, like budgeting, reserving locations, and negotiating with benders. An event designer focuses more on the creative side of an event: the colors and decorations, and how the theme is carried over into food, music, and lighting.


Event designers may work for event planning firms. The bigger the firm, the more likely the jobs of designing and planning are to be separate. For those who start their own event design business, it is typical to do all the design and planning. Some event designers may specialize in certain types of events, like corporate meetings or weddings, while others tackle all types of events.


Steps to Starting Your Very Own Event Design Business

What it takes to becoming a good event designer is education and training, working with mentors, networking, and putting on great events. To get started with your own event design business, you will need to take some important steps:

  1. Get an education. The first step is one of the most important. Being a successful event designer requires more than simply being creative or having planned your family’s parties. There are technical and logistical skills that you can only learn from event design courses led by professionals in the field. You’ll learn design principles, design software, logistics, and business skills a crucia component to starting your own company
  2. Get some experience and mentorship. A degree or diploma in event design or planning is a great first step to working in this field. But if you are going to start your own business you need a little bit more. You need some event experience if you want to draw in customers. You may choose to get this experience by working for a firm before striking out on your own. Or, you may want to find a professional in the field willing to mentor you. Make sure to take advantage of any available internships while in training, as this will than provide experiences that you can add to your portfolio to show prospective customers.
  3. Do some networking. Having a network of event professionals and potential clients is a crucial step in developing your business. Start with your design school, and make connections with your instructors and any businesses and design professionals you meet as you study and get real world experiences. It is these connections that will eventually lead you to clients for your new business.
  4. Find your niche. People who hire event designers have a lot of options, so to be successful you need to stand out. As you train for this career and get internship experiences, think about what your niche, or specialty, might be. Do you want to focus on weddings or corporate affairs? Are you more interested in experiential marketing? Find what you do best and make that your specialty.
  5. Think about a business plan and funding. Once you have all the less tangible things nailed down, like finding your niche and networking with professionals, you need to think about the practical aspects of how to start an event planning business. If you went to school for event design, you should have learned some basic business skills. This will help you figure out how you will fund your business. You should also be able to write a business plan so you can figure out the practical steps you need to take to get started and to succeed.
  6. Land the first job for your event design business. With everything else out of the way, you’re ready to get your first customer. Start with your network to look for leads, but also use modern marketing, like building a beautiful website that showcases your design skills or even hosting a marketing event to show customers exactly what you can do. Once you have that first customer, knock it out of the park so that you will also have your first excellent review or reference.


What is the Market for Event Design?

The good news is that in Florida and throughout the country, event design and planning is a growing industry. The growth in the event planning industry is ten percent, faster than average job growth. Florida employs more event planners than most other states, exceeded only by Texas, New York, and California. The average annual income in Florida for an event planner is $46,260. As the owner of your own business, though, you will have the flexibility to work more or less and determine how much you earn.


Are you ready to launch your career as an entrepreneur and event designer? If you’re motivated, hard-working, and creatively-inclined, this could be a great career for you and a great opportunity to be your own boss and to run your own company. Your first step is to go to school, so start your journey by looking into event design programs in south Florida.

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