Which Design Skills Are Most Marketable?

It often seems like technology can do everything, but workers with design skills can create much better content more effectively than any computer. Employers from a range of industries are always on the lookout for trained, creative, and skilled designers. This includes web designers, graphic designers, and event designers. If you know you want a creative career, design is a great option. Find out what the most marketable design skills are so you can get the right education and round out your resume and portfolio for the best career opportunities.

High Tech Event Design Skills

Event design and planning is a growing career, with faster than average job growth expected over the next several years. Event design is a specialized type of design that is utilized by professional organizations for hosting conferences, for couples planning weddings, and for businesses marketing new products, just to name a few.


Not only is there a growing need for event designers, but an important trend in event design is the increasing use of technology. Events are using streaming technology to communicate to attendees and add to the ambiance. Ticketing for events has gone high-tech and interactive. And, one of the more exciting trends is the use of virtual reality technology in events. Employers and those who hire event designers increasingly want people with high tech event design skills, designers who can integrate technology into an overall design to enhance rather than detract from it.

Graphic Design Skills

Graphic design was one of the top creative jobs of 2017 and that trend is not expected to change. Graphic designers may be self-employed, work for design firms, or work for large companies in the design or IT department. These designers work with computers and software to design and create advertisements, web pages, mobile apps, magazines, and other creative products.


Having graphic design skills in general will make you marketable, but there are some specific skills that employers and clients look for. These include the ability to use certain types of design software, like Photoshop, InDesign, and Adobe Flash. Other marketable graphic design skills are the ability to use desktop publishing to create print designs. Finally, although it may seem low-tech, employers still look for designers who can actually draw or illustrate well.

User Experience and Interface Design Skills

One of the fastest growing trends in tech careers is also a design career. It’s a lucrative one too, with user interface designers making about $85,000 on average per year. User experience and interface design skills are so marketable right now because all companies that make products are realizing that a good user experience is important for branding, marketing, and sales.


Both types of design are marketable, but they are not the same. A good user experience designer ensures that every interaction a customer has with a company is a good experience, from using the website or app to buying and then using a product. User interface designers have the mores specific task of making sure that customers have positive interactions with specific interfaces, such as a website, an app, or a single product. In both cases, the design skills needed to the job are not necessarily intuitive. You need to have a strong design background and experience with user interfacing and experience.

Image Editing and Design

Editing images and designing images are among the most important design skills that are also versatile. They are used in a variety of design careers, from advertising design to web design and even event design. Using software tools like Photoshop, designers can manipulate images and photographs to create custom designs for clients.


Being able to edit and design images allows designers in all related industries to use filters, textures, image masking, editing, and other manipulations. Regardless of the type of design career you choose, make sure you are able to use photo and image editing software and that you can include image design skills in your portfolio and resume.

Website Prototype Design Skills

All companies need websites, which means that they all need web developers to create them. These days, simply having a website is not good enough. Those sites, and every page on them, have to be well designed, pleasing to view, easy to read, and effective at getting high click through rates. To do all this requires more than a web developer, it requires someone with great web design skills.


One of the most important design skills for creating successful websites is the ability to use wireframing tools. These are prototyping software programs that allow designers to lay out web pages and create prototypes. Employers want to hire designers that can create these prototypes because the best sites are those that are planned out well in advance. A prototype allows for the planning of all elements of a site and the ability to redesign as needed. Wireframing is also used by user experience designers and graphic designers, so it is a versatile design skill.

How to Develop Your Design Skills

These are some of the most important and marketable design skills you can have in your toolkit as you start out in your design career. They are all versatile skills that are currently in demand and that will allow you to be competitive in several different types of design and related careers: event design, web design, graphic design, advertising and marketing, user experience design, user interface design, and others.


To get these skills, and others that are important in design careers, consider applying to and attending a design degree or certificate program. Employers and prospective clients want to see that you are more than just a self-taught, creative individual. They want to see that you have had training from experts in design. A good design-focused program will give you the skills you need to work in design as well as hands-on experience, networking experiences, mentoring, and other benefits. If you’re ready to hone your design skills and market your abilities, see what design schools in south Florida have to offer.

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