What Type of Designer Are You?

If you’re interested in a career in design and have already started doing some research, you probably know that there are a lot of options. From freelancing graphic designers to collaborative members of a product design team and innovative, highly organized event designers, the design career field is wide and varied. It’s also a growing industry, so studying design, in general, is a smart choice.

To clear some of the confusion and to narrow down your best choices, take this quick, fun quiz. Answer a few questions and find out what type of designer you are and what your destiny in design is likely to be.

1. You’re a creative designer, but you also live for:

a. Putting perfecting touches on designs.
b. Prioritizing what the client wants.
c. Making people feel comfortable.
d. Making things better and easier to use.

2. How well do you work with others?

a. I can collaborate, but I do my best creative work alone.
b. I thrive when people put demands on me and expect my best work.
c. Other people inspire my work.
d. I love working in a team.

3. My ideal setting for creative design work is:

a. In front of a computer with great design software.
b. Out in the world, seeing things in person.
c. Surrounded by fabrics and beautiful things.
d. In a bustling office.

4. The things I love to design are:

a. Layouts, advertisements, animations.
b. Parties.
c. Spaces.
d. Experiences.

5. What kind of high school student were you?

a. I worked best when teachers gave me more flexibility to get my work done when and how I wanted.
b. I was a perfectionist, determined to get everything just right.
c. I daydreamed a lot about how to better arrange the desks in the room.
d. I tried to give my teachers advice on how to improve their lesson plans and instruction.

6. What motivates you to do your best?

a. Myself, I am intrinsically motivated.
b. Making sure others like what I do.
c. Creating something that makes people happy.
d. When things work the way they’re supposed to.

7. My design style is:

a. Versatile.
b. Flexible.
c. Comforting.
d. Practical.

Design Quiz Results

Type of Designer A – Self-Employed Graphic Designer

Graphic design is a great type of design for anyone who loves to work alone, who is self-motivated, and who thrives when able to work on his or her own timeline and during their most creative hours of the day. This type of designer can work on a team and within a company, but is also well suited to self-employment and freelancing. If you love to design things that are practical but also creative, like magazine layouts, animations, and advertisements, you may have a future graphic designer.

Type of Designer B – Event Planner and Designer

Perfect for the perfectionists who are also creative, an event designer is also often a planner. In this career you need to be able to work well with demanding clients, to create an experience that matches their needs, and to check things off a list in a timely, efficient manner. Event design is the perfect blend of creativity and practicality, but it also requires you to be flexible and to match the tone and feel your client wants.

Type of Designer C – Interior Designer

Interior designers are obsessed with spaces, fabrics, color and lighting, furniture, and creating something that makes people happy, calm, and comfortable. As an interior designer you may work alone or in a team, but there is generally some degree of collaboration along with the need to match client expectations. In this career, you will need to take inspiration from many things, but especially from the people for whom you are creating the space.

Type of Designer D – UX and Web Designer

UX (user experience) designers and web designers are all about creating and designing things that work well and do what they are supposed to do. It is more about the experience than about appearance but looks matter too. In this career, you may be designing a website and finding creative solutions to user complaints. Or you may design products and packaging that are both attractive and easy to use.

So what type of designer are you? Of course, you are a creative designer and a creative thinker, but careers in design extend well beyond this. There are many different ways to be creative and to design and make new things. Whether you want to work in a team, be your own boss, create things that are practical and beautiful, or make the most comforting spaces, there is a type of design career for you.

With a little more insight into the different types of design and what suits you best, it’s time to start checking out design programs. There are plenty of design programs in South Florida, and this is a great place to live and learn. See what the area has to offer and start planning your design future.

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