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5 productive things for teens to do this summer

M.A.D.E. -  productive things for teens to do this summer M.A.D.E. - productive things for teens to do this summer

Summer is quickly approaching which means school is almost out! What will your teens be doing this summer? The kids will enjoy sleeping in, playing lots of video games and lounging around the house but it’s not the most productive way to pass the summer. To get your kids out of the house and doing… anything, here are 5 productive things for teens to do this summer in Miami.

1. Get in Shape

The summer is a great time to enjoy the outdoors. If you live in Miami, you are within driving distance to beaches and have a 50% chance of sunny weather which means that is perfect for a day in the park. Teens can also enroll in activity or sport clubs to learn something new. Some ideas include kayaking, canoeing, hiking, paddle boarding, tennis, golfing or even playing soccer. Local parks generally have postings and advertisement for upcoming summer activities. Participating in sports, will help teens improve skills like teamwork and leadership. Best of all, they’ll get moving and learn ways to stay active and healthy.

2. Develop a new Creative Skill

With all that free time in the summer, teens can develop a new creative hobby through creative art summer camps and classes. Students can learn traditional creative methods like painting and sketching, or they can practice modern design skills by creating with graphic design software and mobile photography.

Traditional methods help students build a foundation for creative thinking. Modern methods can expose students to skills they can use in their future careers. Either way,trying new creative hobbies will get students thinking in new ways and maybe even discover a passion for art.

BONUS: For future art students, it’s also a great chance to start building pieces of their art portfolio. The practice students put in will help them develop their unique identity and creative style.

3. Prepare for College / Magnet School

Students who are interested in continuing their education can use their summer vacation to prepare for college or magnet schools. The application process has many steps so the summer break is a perfect time to get started. Here are a couple projects they can work on:

  • Developing a portfolio for entrance exams
  • Requesting recommendations
  • Filling out FAFSA requirements for financial aid
  • Writing their Personal Statement
  • Completing the application
  • Touring school campuses

The earlier a student gets started, the more time he/she will have to refine their work and submit an application that reflects their best work. Once the school year starts, there will be less time to dedicate to applying for schools. Don’t wait and get your teens started early.

4. Get a Summer Internship

For teens who already have an idea of the career they would like to pursue, summer internships are a great way to jump into the job - without the commitment. Lots of businesses offer paid or unpaid summer internships that lets teens get an idea of what it would be like to work in that company. Some students end up falling in love with the job they signed up for, those who don’t will weed out the careers that didn’t interest them.

Summer internships are great for teens because they’ll gain valuable work experience, potentially get paid (and save money), learn new skills they can add to their resume, and start building relationships with future employers. Each of these benefits will help your kid learn and prepare them for their future success.

5. Volunteer their Time

Another great way to make this a productive summer is to volunteer. There are lots of non-for-profit businesses that need help around their business. From environmental agencies to parks and even shelters, teens can make and difference by contributing their time in the local community. Volunteering is great for people who may have summer plans for just part of the summer.

Like a job, teens can learn valuable skills needed in the workplace, building their resume, and build relationships with their employer (helpful for recommendations). Best of all, when teens volunteer, they are empowered to drive change and make an impact in areas they are passionate about.

So, ready to take the next step and turn your passion into the career of your dreams? Sign up for classes at M.A.D.E today and don’t waste another precious moment!


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