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Why Artists Are Going Back to School to Get Jobs

M.A.D.E. -  Why Artists Are Going Back to School to Get Jobs M.A.D.E. - Why Artists Are Going Back to School to Get Jobs

Art school may have been misconceptions but not learning certainly isn’t one of them. So why are so many aspiring artists going back to school after graduating with an art degree? Because they learned many things, but the skills to get a job wasn’t one of them.


Firstly the world of art and design is rapidly evolving, where many artists are substituting pencils and brushes with a computer mouse and software. It’s very likely that whatever you learned in art school, is either outdated or no longer in high demand. Art school also has a reputation for having too many “fluff” courses that focus more on concepts and theories instead of production and strategy.


So if you’re an artist that is looking for a full-time, salary job position, it’s unlikely that you’ll pursue your art school degree. Today’s artists and designers are not just the creative brain in a company, they’re strategists, project managers, gurus on best practices and future trends.


Miami Arts & Design Education was created with one mission: for students to continue to pursue creative fields but with the skills and experience to achieve professional success. By focusing solely on art and design programs that are aimed at getting the jobs not only today, but the future as well, M.A.D.E is taking a unique approach to art school.


We don’t believe in unnecessary courses that add zeros to the end of your tuition bill or add on extra years until you reach graduation. Our students master all the necessary skills in the classroom and through internships in order to obtain their job of choice within two years.


Artists don’t always have to be “starving.” On the contrary, artists have endless opportunities to succeed in top paying creative jobs with a bright future ahead.

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