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7 surprising jobs that require AutoCAD

M.A.D.E. -  7 surprising jobs that require AutoCAD M.A.D.E. - 7 surprising jobs that require AutoCAD

When you think of AutoCAD, is the first job that comes to mind designing large skyscrapers? Or maybe massive bridges? The traditional idea is that AutoCAD skills are meant for architects working on large scale building and structural design. However, major companies like NBC and Starbucks are also looking for job candidates with proficiencies in using AutoCAD. Here’s a look at 7 surprising jobs you could land with AutoCAD as a skill.


1. Retail Store Designer
From Macy's to Target, big retailers are looking for individuals with a knack for creating appealing store designs. Whether it's building out unique storefronts or creating basic store templates for franchising, large retails chains look for applicants with AutoCAD expertise to bring their store designs to life. These companies hire store designers who can create digital blueprints for future stores. A job seeker’s ability to digitally build store designs is equally valuable as their design vision.

2. TV Network Set Designer
Ever wonder how soap operas, sitcoms, and other network shows create those cool set designs? Networks like NBC need Set Managers with AutoCAD skills to create their sets digitally. Set managers with AutoCAD skills can transform a director’s vision into a digital mockup and layout of a studio. Then, prop technicians, builders and other set personnel will rely on the blueprint or layout to build out the set. If you’re interested in working in the entertainment industry creating television or movie sets, adding AutoCAD to your skill set is a great way to get your foot in the door.

3. Visual Merchandising Specialist
Today stores are looking for Visual Merchandising Specialists who can create product displays that attract customers and digitalize them for use in other stores. No matter the industry, the demand for employees who can leverage technology with their skills are increasing. Creating displays that draw customer attention towards products and services is a valuable skill and the baseline requirement for this job. However, you can elevate your creatively with AutoCAD. AutoCAD experts can bring store displays to life with 3D renderings of their ideas.

4. Interior Designer
Being an Interior designer in the 21st century is more than just picking out furniture for clients. With technology, homeowners and businesses are no longer limited by showrooms in their local area. Today, customers can draw inspiration from just about anywhere. As an interior designer, it’s up to you to deliver their dream. With AutoCAD, you can replicate your client’s space and mock up the items they want, giving you a clearer picture of the project. Do you need to know AutoCAD to become an interior design? No, but it’s a skill that will give you an advantage as a new interior designer.

5. Electrical Engineer
If you’re passionate about math but also love design, AutoCAD is the perfect skill for you to learn. As an Electrical Engineer, you can create blueprint designs for power, lighting and signaling systems, for efficient and safe electrical networks. Many companies hire electrical engineers with AutoCAD proficiency to reproduce, map and create complex digital electrical systems. With this skill, you have the tools to create and manage electrical systems for countless corporate and industrial companies.

6. Product Designer
The list of potential products conceived with AutoCAD is limitless. From furniture and cars to even toys, anything that has parts that require assembly is likely designed first with AutoCAD. As a product designer, you’re tasked with creating the blueprint of a product. Once approved, manufacturers will use your design to make the products. As a product designer, your AutoCAD designs will be referred to by countless people to build future products.

7. Technical Writers
Jobs for technical writing, or product manual producers, are on the rise. If you’re a good writer who is skilled in AutoCAD, you can work with both as a product manual producer. The job is simple - write product manuals for new and updated machines. Although you won’t be creating products from scratch on AutoCAD, you’ll need to understand technical illustrations so you can clearly explain each part and its function to the end user. If you understand how to use AutoCAD, you’ll set yourself apart by having the ability to create or annotate images for clarity.

These are just a couple of the jobs that you can pursue with AutoCAD proficiency. The sky's the limit with AutoCAD - you can design anything you dream. Ready to work in an industry you’re passionate about? Learn how to design on AutoCAD and more at Miami Arts and Design Education.

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