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What are the 2017-2018 Interior Design Trends?

If you’re interested in a career in interior design, you need to stay ahead f the biggest interior design trends, both locally and internationally.

Like in fashion, interior designers are inspired by other professionals in their field and look at trends to determine what designs will come next. This is one of the exciting things about working in any creative industry: you get to be at the forefront of design and shape what people will like now and in the future.

To become an interior designer, you need an eye for art and design, but it also requires a good education. Interior designers have a knack for design but they are also highly skilled and educated in areas like design software, color theory, and design history. To get into this field you need a great education, practical experience, and you need to keep up with the latest interior design trends.

Why Become an Interior Designer?

There are so many great reasons to enter the world of interior design, from having a creative job to working with different people. Practical reasons include increasing demand and income potential. The field of interior design is predicted to grow by more than 2,000 positions over the next several years, so there are many new opportunities for getting or keeping a position. The median salary for an interior designer in 2016 was $48,810 with the top earners making more than $90,000 per year. There is a huge potential to earn a great income from this career.


Another exciting aspect of working in interior design is that you will have the opportunity to earn and work as much (or as little) as you want. This is a career that lends itself well to freelancing and entrepreneurship, so you can choose to take on as many or as few projects as you want, to work for a company, or to build your own company and make it as big and as successful as you want.


Those who choose to become an interior designer do so because it is enjoyable, creative work. If you have an interest in design and designing spaces, you are artistic and creative, and you like to express yourself and help others do the same, this is a great career for you. One of the fun aspects of the job is keeping up with interior design trends. Here are some of the hottest trends for the upcoming year.


Top Interior Design Trends for Now and 2018

Many of the interior design trends that just began to crop up in 2017 are expected to hold steady or become even trendier in 2018:


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  • Tropical inspiration. No matter where the home, having a tropical feel in a room can transport you to a warm, sunny and relaxed place. Lush plants, a lot of greenery, jewel tones, tropical prints, and other elements of the tropics are big this year in design.
  • Cork. Useful and attractive, cork is a material that is trending big in design right now. Whether it covers a small surface or an entire wall, cork can be used to pin ideas and inspiration or just to add natural warmth to a room.
  • Front doors that pop. Bold front doors on homes are continuing to trend in design. It may not technically be part of the interior, but the front door can set the tone for the design of an entire home. Designers are using large glass doors, bright colors, or extravagantly carved wooden doors, anything to bring attention and express the feel of the home.

Pantone’s Color Predictions Inform Interior Design Trends for Next Year

To stay up to date on what’s happening in design, you need to be familiar with Pantone. Pantone is a company that is known throughout the world as the leading authority on color. Standard color names come from Pantone, as do color trends. Here is what Pantone sees for color, pattern, and texture in interior design trends in the near future:


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    • Iridescent tones. Pantone predicts that home interiors will make use of iridescent, shimmery accents, lending a fun and futuristic feel to rooms.
    • Metallic. Iridescent accents are not the only shiny elements in up-coming design trends. Pantone sees metallic accents of all types being big in 2018 interiors, even on fabrics.
    • Saturated and intense colors. Pastels and muted colors are out. Instead, designers are reaching for intense, technology-inspired colors, like hot pink, turquoise, bright green, and purple.
    • Geometric patterns. Geometric elements in design are already big and are expected to continue trending in interior spaces. Geometric-print wallpapers, pillows, and other accents are popular ways to include the trend if your designs.
    • Typography. Another of the big interior design trends that continues an upward trajectory is the use of words and letters in design.
    • Wood. With the rise of technology continuing unabated, Pantone expects that homeowners will begin to crave natural elements. Wood is an easy and beautiful way to add nature to an interior space, so expect to see wooden floors, but also smaller items like bowls, pots, and lamps made of wood.

International Interior Design Trends from Milan

Just as fashion has Paris, New York, and Milan fashion weeks, interior design has Milan Design Week. This is an international event that draws in some of the best designers in the world. It is a great way to see what interior design trends will be seen around the world, not just in the U.S. Here are some of the most exciting elements of design from the show that are expected to be big trends in the coming year:


design trends bamboo


      • Hidden technology. As technology becomes more of a part of our daily lives, interior designers will be asked to find ways to hide it unsightly cords and wires. Design Week showcased some innovative and creative ways that designers are integrating technology into the home, either hiding it or making it blend with the existing design.
      • Using recycled materials. Consumers are increasingly aware of the impact we have on the environment and are demanding more eco-friendly products. It should continue to be a trend in home design and furnishings. One recycled material seen in Milan was made of discarded textiles from the fashion industry.
      • Bamboo. Furniture made from bamboo is trending and is a part of the environmental consciousness movement in design. Bamboo is much more sustainable than wood.
      • Regional crafts. Many designers at the show exhibited design elements that came from or were inspired by traditional crafts made in particular regions of the world. Expect to see pottery from South Africa or ceramics made from clay only found in one area of China.

Miami and South Florida’s Interior Design Trends

Miami, and all of South Florida, has long been a hotbed of design, with some of the country’s best designers working here. Interior design trends come from all places, but some of the most unique and influential come from South Florida. Here’s what Miami is seeing in interior design for the upcoming year:

      • Bathroom design. Gone are the days when a bathroom is simply utilitarian or the last room in the house to be designed. Miami designers are leading the way in focusing on luxurious, beautiful, and thoughtfully-designed bathrooms. They are becoming like home spas.
      • Blue. Blue, in a range of shades especially deep cobalt, is a trending color in Miami and South Florida. This may be a result of blue trending in fashion but designers are embracing blue and combining it with gray.
      • Brass and gold. For years these colors in fixtures have been out, considered passé. Now, Miami designers are leading the charge and are moving away from cold silver, chrome, and nickel. They are bringing warm brass and gold back and this trend is expected to be big.

Understanding what is trending in design is crucial for professionals to be their best, but it’s also a fun part of the job. Keeping up with interior design trends keeps professionals on the top of their game, but also provides a fun way to get and stay inspired. If you are interested in interior design as a career, now is as good a time as any to start investigating trends, the change, experimenting with new ideas, and trying to predict how interior design trends will change over time.


Is interior design the right career for you? Does keeping up with the trends come naturally to you, as something you do for fun? Are you always thinking about how to improve interior spaces? If this sounds like you, you may be ready to get started on a new and exciting career in interior design. Check out some of the programs offered for interior design students in South Florida. An education will enhance your natural design abilities and to help you get your foot in the door of this exciting but competitive profession.

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