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Graphic Design & Drawing at M.A.D.E. Graphic Design & Drawing at M.A.D.E.

Portfolio Development Skills | Graphic Design Program at MADE

  • Graphic design skills at M.A.D.E. : Drawing


  • Graphic design skills at M.A.D.E. : Creative Process

    Creative Process

  • Computer Graphics

  • Graphic design skills at M.A.D.E. : Visual Culture


  • Graphic design skills at M.A.D.E. : Marketing and Economics

    Marketing & Branding



All aspects of the Graphic Design program at MADE contribute to the student’s development of a cohesive design portfolio. The sequence of courses and the content addressed helps students to build a foundation of technical skills, then hone their unique voice as a designer, and finally carry out their vision in a variety of print, package and web-based media. The result is a body of work that is sharp, attention grabbing, and representative of the student’s unique visual interests.

MADE instructors are committed to helping students achieve this goal. That means arming students with the skills and knowledge needed to realize their own vision, not interpret the vision of instructors. No two graphic design portfolios are alike at MADE. Choices in concepts, visuals and media are dependent upon the personal goals and ambitions of the student, with instructors tailoring their instruction to meet the student’s needs. That’s the personal attention that makes portfolio development at MADE so unique.

Once the portfolio has taken shape, students benefit from expert guidance in preparing their portfolio for presentation in the real world. In addition to meticulous review of creative projects, students practice making presentations before groups of professionals where they must defend and discuss their work. Instructors also guide students through the process of refining their resumes and writing proposals and contracts standard with today’s industry practices. The goal is to give students all the tools they will need to compete and succeed in the job market upon completion of the Graphic Design program.


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