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Graphic Design & Computer Graphics at M.A.D.E. Graphic Design & Computer Graphics at M.A.D.E.

Computer Graphics Skills | Graphic Design Program at MADE

  • Graphic design skills at M.A.D.E. : Drawing


  • Graphic design skills at M.A.D.E. : Creative Process

    Creative Process

  • Computer Graphics

  • Graphic design skills at M.A.D.E. : Visual Culture


  • Graphic design skills at M.A.D.E. : Marketing and Economics

    Marketing & Branding



The Graphic Design program at MADE integrates teaching of design software into creative projects that culminate in finished portfolio pieces. Instructors help students navigate the latest versions of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign to produce imagery that is vivid, eye-catching, and in line with professional standards for print and web production. The integration of software training in the creative classroom allows MADE students to develop a working methodology for creating, managing, sharing and preparing documents for production. This means that students have the opportunity to become truly savvy in a wide range of technical skills, instead of acquiring skills piecemeal. This approach includes training students on how to maneuver through various software programs as appropriate to the specific needs a project as well as how to manage data and how to prepare documents for various production processes. This training helps students enter the job market with the confidence to execute complex digital design tasks in a fast-paced environment.

In the Digital Illustration class, students are taught the artistry of vector drawing, icon and logo creation, and text manipulation using Adobe Illustrator. In the Digital Imaging class, students explore the depth of possibilities within Adobe Photoshop to create believable, illusionistic digital art and creative image manipulations. Editing techniques used in postproduction (colorimetric corrections, curve adjustments, noise reduction, and managing white balance) as well as diverse conversion formats and exporting of data files will be included.


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