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Graphic Design & Visual Culture at M.A.D.E. Graphic Design & Visual Culture at M.A.D.E.

Media Analysis Skills | Graphic Design Diploma Program at MADE

  • Graphic design skills at M.A.D.E. : Drawing


  • Graphic design skills at M.A.D.E. : Creative Process

    Creative Process

  • Computer Graphics

  • Graphic design skills at M.A.D.E. : Visual Culture


  • Graphic design skills at M.A.D.E. : Marketing and Economics

    Marketing & Branding



We live in a world that is dominated by advertising. We are constantly bombarded with visual messages from advertisers in the form of billboards, posters, TV commercials, web banners, social media bytes, and the list goes on. To better understand the images that surround us, one must know the system. The system has its own language with its own vocabulary, grammar, and methodology. The visual language of advertising is rooted in the articulation of text, symbols, metaphors, and images in a way that preys on human psychology and entices or persuades the viewer.

All of the graphic design courses at MADE foster skills related to media analysis. Class projects are designed in such a way that students are continually revisiting the concept of disseminating a brand to the public in a way that targets specific audiences. Studio projects and written assignments emphasize the study of media and the language of advertising across many digital and print platforms. In creative assignments, students will practice the art of identifying a target audience and formulating visual messages with respect to culture, language, and customs. Coursework challenges students to devise original compositions that use typography, color and imagery in strategic ways to communicate powerful messages. Upon completion of the Graphic Design program at MADE students will be better prepared to understand the language of advertising and become active participants in the dialogue of advertising.


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