Interior design


Interior design

  • Career Goals: 
    Interior Designer, Space Planner, Set Designer, Project Manager Specialties: Exhibition Design, Model Home Design, Solar Design, Closet Design, Window/Wall/Floor Treatment Design
  • Software: 
    AutoCAD, SketchUp, Revit, Adobe®️ Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
  • Admissions:
    Resume, High School Diploma (or equivalent), Enrollment Agreement
  • Semester Cost: 
    $ 4,150.00
    Financing options available


The Interior Design curriculum at M.A.D.E focuses on the creative and technical aspects of configuring a space while being conscious of the social, cultural and environmental implications. The program starts with the history of interior design as it relates to current practices and the shaping of future markets. The Interior Design Diploma Program emphasizes the importance of artistic skills by training students to use traditional drawing processes combined with the latest graphic software to effectively visualize proposals to future clients. All aspects of project development for public and private spaces are addressed: concept development, negotiation with architects, engineers and clients, creation of specification documents and material sample sheets, production, and final outcome. The full gamut of choices in architectural structures, materials, finishes and lighting are explored through direct interaction with suppliers.

M.A.D.E is committed to maintaining a network of professional connections for students through ongoing visiting lectures, portfolio reviews, site visits, and by assisting students in securing internships. Upon completion of the Interior Design program, students will have a portfolio of original design samples to begin marketing themselves to potential clients and employers, or to use in pursuit of further education

This program is taught entirely in English

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  • Technical Drawing (Drafting) Course - M.A.D.E.


    Learn to navigate the latest AutoCAD software to create architectural plans, elevations, isometrics, perspectives, shop/detail drawings, 2D models and mockups. Master the essential technological skills needed to succeed in the interior design industry.

  • Ergonomics Course at Miami Arts Design Education


    It is the study of human beings and their responses to various working conditions and environments. Learn the principles of ergonomics to design interiors that facilitate movement through space and adhere to the guidelines of The Americans with Disabilities Act.

  • Color & Fabrics Design Course - M.A.D.E.


    Color and light set the mood of interior spaces. Color is the most vital and expressive of the elements in design. You will learn the psychology of color, light and how to apply it on your projects to evoke different feelings.

  • Architecture Course at Miami Arts Design Education


    Intensive study in design history gives students a context for understanding design in today’s market. This knowledge also grounds students’ understanding of style as is relates to cultures around the globe.


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  • Visual Design Skills - Miami Arts Design Education

    Visual Design language

  • 3D Graphics Development - Miami Arts Design Education

    3D Graphics Development

  • Spatial Planning - Miami Arts Design Education

    Spatial planning


  • Computer Aided Design - Miami Arts Design Education


Become an interior designer


The Interior Design program aims to give students the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in a competitive industry. That includes a thorough understanding of what it takes to produce a successful interior design project: a space that satisfies the client’s desired function, aesthetic and budget.

Interior designers work in both the commercial and residential sectors. Depending on their strengths and experiences, interior designers can work in the following fields: residential design, property development, exhibition design, set design (or stylist), real estate staging, commercial office design, hospitality design, healthcare design, institutional design, retail design, yacht interior design, and cruise industry design.

Interior designers may work as independent freelancers or start their own practice. Owning a practice means taking freelancing one step further by starting a corporation, working with lawyers to review contracts, and hiring a certified accountant.

In addition to teaching relevant design strategies, the Interior Design program at MADE makes every effort to provide students with opportunities to network with professionals and gain relevant working experiences before graduation. The outcome is well-rounded graduates who can navigate the job market with confidence.


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