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Web designers are the creative genius behind the graphic concept and usability of a website, as well as the creator of related pieces such as online campaigns, newsletters, advertising banners and beyond. Today, web designers are expected to wear many hats, both artistic and technical. They must understand the client’s vision and bring that vision to life. They must be capable of delivering outcomes based on a client’s requirements such as: sitemaps, information architecture, user experience design, user interface, and visual identity.

The Web Design program at MADE prepares students for success in this complex market. The program is rooted in technical training across diverse platforms while emphasizing creativity and aesthetics. The curriculum covers website conceptualization and creation, web design publishing tools, coding, scripting languages, interface design and information architecture. Fundamental elements of interface and user experience design are explored, as well as crucial knowledge related to the development of a web project: paid and organic search optimization, community management, web marketing, and digital project management. MADE’s curriculum revolves around two areas: the project design (analyze competition, define the concept, create a proposal) and project deployment (HTML, CSS, JavaScript). There is a focus on graphic design, branding and marketing throughout the program to enable students to create relevant content for web projects and effectively market themselves as designers.

Upon completion of the Web Design program, students will have a competitive portfolio including a fully functional website and other digital media that can be used to launch a freelance career or seek employment in a variety of industries. MADE is committed to supporting students’ successful entry in the workforce through maintaining connections with professional agencies and by assisting students in acquiring internships.

Web Design & Development
  • Program Length: 
    16 months
  • Semester Cost: 
    $ 4,150.00
  • Admissions: 
    Resume, High School Diploma (or equivalent), Enrollment Agreement
  • Careers: 
    Web Designer, Web Application Designer, Interactive Project Manager, Interactive Producer and Scripter, Front-End Designer/Developer, UI/UX Designer
  • Software: 
    Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, After Effects
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  • HTML and JavaScript Coding at M.A.N.A.


    A comprehensive introduction to the crucial terminology, strategies, and technologies used in the creation of websites. This course explores the primary structure and function of a websites

  • E-Commerce at Miami Arts Design Education

    SEO & SEM

    Today, website visibility goes beyond optimized content, it’s also impacted by optimal design and coding techniques. This course covers the best practices for building a search engine friendly website and developing content to attract visitors.

  • Search Engine Optimization at Miami Arts Design Education


    Learn how to develop websites that are optimized for all screens. This course covers the essential components of responsive web design: image adaptation, content layout, editing CSS files, and code integration.

  • Website security at M.A.D.E.


    MADE’s team of professional designers offer expert guidance on the creation of content for a web design portfolio and the most effective ways to market your portfolio to potential clients.


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Web design skills

  • Integrative tools Skills at M.A.D.E.

    Integrative tools

  • Graphic tools skills at M.A.D.E.

    Graphic tools

  • Web Marketing Tools

  • Programming languages

  • Project Management Skills at M.A.D.E.

    Project Management

Become a web designer


As a sole proprietor, a web designer will market themselves to prospective clients and secure independent contracts to create original websites or refresh existing sites, as well as produce web-based media related to the client’s needs.

Within an advertising agency, the web designer will play a supportive role within a team. The web designer may contribute to the conceptualization of projects or specialize components such as e-commerce, newsletters, mobile apps, or animations.

Within a company, the in-house web designer will be in charge of maintaining a company’s website (either independently or within a team) and creating web-based marketing collateral to support the company’s brand. They will also manage outsourced production or contracted third parties.

Typical Tasks of a Web Designer : Edit and Customize Websites, Create Graphics, Edit Graphics, Design and Generate Images for Email, Implement Tracking Codes, Customize Wordpress Plugins, Format Publishing Content for Web, Format and Upload Downloadable Documents, Create Google AdWords Banners, Optimizing Images for Web, Develop Brand Identity, Code and Implement Contact Forms, Design Interface Icons, Design Interaction Maps, Layout Websites for Different Viewports

  • Web Designer

  • Web Application Designer

  • Interactive Project Manager

  • Interactive Producer and Scripter

  • Front-End Designer/Developer

  • UI/UX Designer

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