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Applied Arts & Drawing at M.A.D.E. Applied Arts & Drawing at M.A.D.E.

Drawing Skills | Applied Arts Diploma Program at MADE

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Drawing is considered an integral skill for artists and designers because it is the fundamental tool for visual communication. From fine artists to graphic designers to architects to fashion designers, professionals rely on drawing as a key component of their creative process.

The Applied Arts program at MADE emphasizes high standards of excellence in drawing skills in all classes. Expert instructors support students in meeting these standards by providing focused, individualized attention to students to in class. A range of media and approaches are explored. Students are trained to use shadow and light to create the illusion of 3-dimensional form in pencil and charcoal. They carry out complex linear and cylindrical perspective drawings of interiors, exteriors and products using graphite and pen. In figure drawing classes, students study anatomy from direct observation of live models and work towards the completion of finished portrait and figure studies. In addition, MADE emphasizes the importance of practicing expressive drawing techniques and encourages experimentation with alternative media.

Students at MADE benefit from studying drawing with instructors who are professional fine artists and have extensive experience in the classroom. MADE instructors are committed to helping every student master crucial drawing skills that will lay the foundation of their future development as designers and fine artists.

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