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Applied Arts & Media Analysis at M.A.D.E Applied Arts & Media Analysis at M.A.D.E

Career in Art | Applied Arts Diploma Program at MADE

  • Art History Skills at M.A.D.E.

    Art History

  • Media Analysis Skills at M.A.D.E.


  • Drawing Skills at M.A.D.E.


  • Graphic arts Skills at M.A.D.E.

    Graphic arts

  • Critical Thinking Skills at M.A.D.E.




One of the primary goals of the Applied Arts program is to give students an overview of employment and continuing education opportunities that will be available to them upon graduation. Instructors make an effort to get to know students’ personal goals and guide them towards the development of a portfolio aligned with those goals. Whether a student shows interest in fine art, animation, graphic design, architecture, curating, or any number of other fields, professors will help students build portfolios that target specific skills related to the industries of interest. Students may use their portfolio to apply for college admission or to seek entry-level positions in creative industries.

Throughout the course of study in the Applied Arts program, exposure to artistic career pathways is built into studio and lecture classes. For example, in the drawing classes, the principles of perspective drawing are used to create rough sketches of architecture and interior design in the style needed for jobs in that industry. In the digital art classes, students learn the basics of graphic design and advertising while gaining foundational skills in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. In the Art History & Visual Culture class, students explore careers in fine art and curating through guest lectures and visits to galleries. The figurative drawing class teaches the fundamentals of anatomical proportions and gesture drawing, skills that can be applied to animation, fashion illustration or even architectural renderings.

By exploring a diverse range of conceptual and technical skills, the Applied Arts program is designed to help students discover their unique strengths and begin devising a realistic plan for the future.


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