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Visual Design Skills | Event Design Program at Miami Arts Design

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One of the most fundamental skills in the Event Design program is visual design. MADE’s program provides in-depth study of color, composition, branding and design strategies. Learning the language of design and the tools for artistic expression allows students to understand a client’s vision and find creative ways to interpret that vision across all facets of an event. Knowledge of design language facilitates the event designers development of themes, decorative styles, marketing materials and proposals.

Event branding plays a vital role in event design. Students will be responsible for capturing their clients’ brands in the event’s design, setting, and atmosphere. Regardless if the event is a corporate or personal celebration, each event has a message that it wants to deliver and it is the event designer’s responsibility to guarantee that it is done flawlessly.

Students will also have the competitive advantage when entering the events industry as they will have experience working with various fabrics, colors, textures, floral and backdrops. This is beneficial when coordinating event rentals or creating customized décor for a client.


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