15 New Murals Going up throughout Miami


Sunshine, music, culture, love…you name the inspiration and the walls of Miami will show the vision. Throughout Miami 15 new murals are appearing every time we turn a corner throughout Summer 2015 into September. The multi-talented, new artists of Wynwood are popping up all over the place and even relocating to our inspirational Art District.


We are an outdoor, arena of beauty. Keeping our residents and visitors happy out in the sunshine viewing the spectrum of colors that is our street art. The artists are both male and female giving us a unisex, cultural vision of equality. Some artists were quoted as saying they wanted to bring visual rhythm to the scenery, joy to the tourists and pride to the Miami residents. We do not doubt that they will succeed.


The murals are creating a smooth transition between neighborhoods. Miami is diversified at every corner of it’s county and not simply within the Art District. The murals will blend Wynwood Art District and Midtown into Little Havana, Over Town and out toward Hialeah pulling us all together merging Miami past, present and future. There will be a symbolic hummingbird added to the intersection of 36th Avenue at Biscayne Boulevard where these neighborhoods connect.


Miami will be promoting the new murals and the presence of it’s sponsor, Beck’s for Beck’s Urban Canvas pop-up parties at local events promoting the project. Beck’s gave the artists the freedom to create and genuinely show an interest in Miami and it’s unique culture.

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