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Here are the most commonly asked questions from previous applicants. If your questions are not among the list provided below please contact our Admissions Department directly by telephone (786) 332-6233 or send us a message through our Contact Form.


MADE is redefining the concept of a career school. Our programs incorporate high-level creative and critical thinking skills, with more hands-on technical training than traditional degree programs. MADE prepares graduates to perform in today’s fast paced work environments and communicate effectively with clients.

The focus is on Portfolio Development. Our programs feed into specific art and design industries where a portfolio is paramount to landing jobs. MADE graduates leave equipped with a cohesive portfolio of art or design showcasing their unique creative voice. We teach the art of persuasive presentation and professional contract negotiation so that our graduates are fully prepared to translate their success in the classroom into the workforce.


We require students to have a high school diploma or equivalent in order to be considered for admission. M.A.D.E accepts students without previous experience in arts and design, so a portfolio is not required but a plus. Some students may be recommended to enroll in the Applied Arts program to gain the fundamental knowledge needed for some programs.

M.A.D.E also accepts international students (with Visas) and working professionals interested in continuing education.


Miami Arts & Design Education (MADE) is licensed by the Commission For Independent Education (CIE)- Florida Department of Education. Students who complete the program will receive a graduation diploma.

M.A.D.E is currently undergoing the accreditation process. Students can still take advantage of our programs and courses taught by talented professors, mentors and faculty.

M.A.D.E and its programs are currently unaccredited. Therefore, if you enroll at M.A.D.E, you will not be eligible for Title IV Federal Financial Assistance. We are partnered with TFC, who can provide options and solutions for private loans. Please set up an appointment with us so we can arrange a financial plan that suits your personal needs.


M.A.D.E will be offering 16-month and 8-month programs as well as short-term workshops.


Miami Arts & Design Education is happy to discuss payment plans with each individual student on a case-by-case basis. Payment plans can be arranged with an Academic Advisor during the application and admissions process.

M.A.D.E is partnering with TFC, a Tuition payment plan management company, to help students make plans to fit their needs.


Our academic calendar follows the same calendar as the Florida State universities. Prospective students can find our Academic Calendar online, which includes deadlines for applications, registration, audition dates, and Open House Days for school visits.


Transfer of Credits to M.A.D.E
If you have previously attended a postsecondary school licensed by the Florida Department of Education Commission for Independent Educators and/or accredited by an agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, M.A.D.E will evaluate and consider awarding academic credit, at its sole discretion. For credits to be transferable to M.A.D.E, the course must be:
1) determined by M.A.D.E to be sufficiently equivalent to a course offered at M.A.D.E
2) applicable to your program of study at M.A.D.E
3) one in which you earned a grade of ‘C’ or above.

If you are seeking to transfer credit to M.A.D.E, you are responsible for having official transcripts forwarded to M.A.D.E for review. M.A.D.E may also require that you submit a school catalog from the previous school. You must petition for transfer credit with the Administrative Office as soon as possible after admission. It is recommended that all necessary paperwork for coursework evaluation be submitted prior to the program start date. If you receive transfer credit, your program tuition charge will be pro-rated based upon the remaining number of credits you must earn in order to graduate. M.A.D.E does not offer experiential credit.

Transferability of M.A.D.E Credits to Other Institutions
The transferability of credits to another institution is at the discretion of and determined exclusively by the accepting institution. Credits you earn at M.A.D.E, in most cases, will probably not be transferable to any other college or university. In addition, if you earn a diploma or certificate in one of the programs offered by M.A.D.E, it will probably not serve as a basis for obtaining a higher level degree at another college or university. M.A.D.E does not imply or guarantee the transferability of credits earned at M.A.D.E to any school, college, university or institution, and you should not assume that any M.A.D.E courses or programs can be transferred to another institution. It is your responsibility to confirm whether or not credits will be accepted by another institution of your choice. You should contact a receiving institution regarding the transfer of credit from M.A.D.E prior to enrolling at M.A.D.E.


Our students often rent apartments within the local area. We have a list of recommended apartment buildings and preferred real estate agents for students. If you’re interested, speak with your Academic Advisor during the admissions process for more information.

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