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About M.A.D.E

Miami Arts & Design Education (M.A.D.E) is The Career School of Creative Design. Our students are talented artists, designers and entrepreneurs eager to unfold their creative potential in the classroom and in the workforce. Together, we are reinventing art and design education, combining intensive technical training with job preparation targeting the specific needs of emerging design fields. With stimulating courses and personalized support for every student, the M.A.D.E educational experience brings creative individuals closer to their career goals, faster.

Whether you’re looking to start an entirely new career path or broaden your professional skill set, M.A.D.E has the right program for you. Entry-level designers and high school graduates benefit from a fast track education that cultivates artistic identity and helps solidify long-term ambitions. Professionals have the opportunity to expand their knowledge base with specialized training on the edge of industry developments.

Creative Training in Miami’s Design Neighborhood

From its strategic location between Miami’s Wynwood Art district and the Design District, students have access to one of the world’s most rapidly growing international art and communities. M.A.D.E engages the broader creative communities through site visits, guest lectures and networking events designed to amplify students’ global perspective.

Redefining the design learning process

M.A.D.E is committed to providing an educational experience that is valuable, worthwhile and relevant to the employment landscape. With small class size and one-on-one instruction, students are supported in reaching their highest potential. M.A.D.E is dedicated to producing the best-prepared professionals entering the industry.

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