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Succeeding in the field of interior design requires much more than a creative knowledge base; it depends on business skills including communication, management and organizational skills, and the ability to form lasting working relationships. MADE’s curriculum emulates current working environments with collaborative projects involving real vendors and actual sites. Students get a sense of being immersed in the industry and learn to conduct themselves accordingly. Students will be shown the vital procedures and thought processes that bring a design to completion in the real world.

In the classroom, MADE’s faculty of accomplished professionals lead projects aligned with the latest trends in luxury residential, hospitality and public space design. Consideration is given to the global position of professionals in Miami who are often commissioned by clients in Central America, South America and Europe as well. Outside the classroom, students acquire ample face-to-face time with established designers through regular visits to design agencies and showrooms. The outcome is students who are building a network of contacts during their course of study that may lead to future employment.


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