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M.A.D.E is redefining the concept of a career school. Our programs incorporate high-level creative and critical thinking skills previously confined to 4-year colleges, with more hands-on technical training than traditional degree programs. M.A.D.E prepares graduates to perform in today’s fast paced work environments and communicate effectively with clients.

The focus is on Portfolio Development. Our programs feed into specific art and design industries where a portfolio is paramount to landing jobs. M.A.D.E graduates leave equipped with a cohesive portfolio of art or design showcasing their unique creative voice. We teach the art of persuasive presentation and professional contract negotiation so that our graduates are fully prepared to translate their success in the classroom into the workforce.

M.A.D.E is committed to providing an educational experience that is valuable, worthwhile and relevant to the burgeoning employment landscape. With small class size and one-on- one instruction, students are supported in reaching their highest potential. M.A.D.E is dedicated to producing the best-prepared professionals entering the industry.

Applied Arts

Appplied Arts at Miami Arts Design Education Appplied Arts at Miami Arts Design Education

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The goal of the Applied Arts program is to equip students with a fundamental knowledge of studio arts and creative design software, catering to each student’s individual artistic and professional goals. The curriculum of M.A.D.E Applied Arts courses guides students through the development of a cohesive art portfolio that may be used to pursue further education or begin working in creative industries.

Students in the Applied Arts program benefit from expert, hands-on instruction in essential art skills including drawing, painting, graphic design and mixed media, set within professional art studios and computer labs equipped with the latest software. Applied Arts Courses focuses on building well-rounded artists who have a solid understanding of art history and contemporary practices, as well as a developed capacity for critical and analytical thinking. This knowledge, combined with one-on-one guidance from professional artists, will enable students to create a series of unique, visually striking works of fine art.

Throughout their course of study, students will be exposed to the many career possibilities available to them within the fields of visual art and design, making them better prepared to make decisions about their future careers. Upon completion of the program, students will have a fine art portfolio that may be used to seek employment in creative industries or apply for college admission. The experience built during M.A.D.E Applied Arts courses forms the backbone of students’ creative development, giving them the artistic and intellectual skills to reach their highest potential in all future endeavors.

Applied Arts
  • Program Length: 
    8 months
  • Admissions: 
    Resume, High School Diploma (or equivalent), Enrollment Agreement
  • Outcomes: 
    Creation of a fine art portfolio for college admission or self-promotion in creative industries.
  • Software: 
    Drawing, Painting, Design, Photoshop, Illustrator
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    Learn about important periods in art history as they relate to the contemporary art world. Explore the evolution of art and learn how recent technological advances have shifted the role of art in culture.

  • DRAWING at M.A.D.E.


    Improve your drawing skills with hands-on instruction from professional artists. Learn to create accurate still life, perspective and figurative drawings using graphite, charcoal, ink and more.



    Learn to use Adobe Photoshop to create digital artwork while getting an introduction to the field of Graphic Design. Learn tips and tricks for making the most out of this creative software.



    Color theory is a powerful tool for artists and designers. Color can persuade the viewer to believe in the message behind a work of art. Learn the science and psychology of using color to impact the viewer.


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  • applied arts - miamiartsdesign
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Applied arts skills

  • Art History Skills at M.A.D.E.

    Art History

  • Media Analysis Skills at M.A.D.E.


  • Drawing Skills at M.A.D.E.


  • Graphic arts Skills at M.A.D.E.

    Graphic arts

  • Critical Thinking Skills at M.A.D.E.




The Applied Arts program equips students the fundamental knowledge of arts and upon completion of the Applied Arts program, students will have a comprehensive fine art portfolio that expresses their unique artistic vision and technical skills. Through the process of creating the portfolio, the student will discover more about their particular motivations and passions, and hone their desired path for continued development in art and design. The program at M.A.D.E is designed to foster self-exploration and help students define their artistic identity so that they can be sure about their next steps in life.

The finished portfolio may be used to apply for admission and scholarships to art and design colleges, or may be used to begin promoting oneself to creative job opportunities.

If a student wishes to pursue further education in art and design, the portfolio they build at M.A.D.E will serve as an invaluable asset. A high quality portfolio can mean the difference between acceptance or denial to top schools, as well as help them compete for scholarship funds. M.A.D.E instructors work one-on-one with students throughout the program to make sure their portfolio is aligned with the admission and scholarship requirements of their desired schools.

If a student prefers to jump right into the creative job market, their M.A.D.E portfolio will serve as their artistic resume and marketing tool.

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