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M.A.D.E is redefining the concept of a career school. Our programs incorporate high-level creative and critical thinking skills previously confined to 4-year colleges, with more hands-on technical training than traditional degree programs. M.A.D.E prepares graduates to perform in today’s fast paced work environments and communicate effectively with clients.

The focus is on Portfolio Development. Our programs feed into specific art and design industries where a portfolio is paramount to landing jobs. M.A.D.E graduates leave equipped with a cohesive portfolio of art or design showcasing their unique creative voice. We teach the art of persuasive presentation and professional contract negotiation so that our graduates are fully prepared to translate their success in the classroom into the workforce.

M.A.D.E is committed to providing an educational experience that is valuable, worthwhile and relevant to the burgeoning employment landscape. With small class size and one-on- one instruction, students are supported in reaching their highest potential. M.A.D.E is dedicated to producing the best-prepared professionals entering the industry.

Architectural Drafting and Design

Architectural Drafting and Design  (M.A.D.E.) Architectural Drafting and Design (M.A.D.E.)

Architectural Drafting and Design


In an age of increasingly complex building and manufacturing processes, employment opportunities for drafters are expanding steadily. Architects, interior designers, product designers, manufacturers, builders, construction firms and other businesses all rely on drafters to help bring their projects to fruition.

The Architectural Drafting and Design program at MADE equips students with a broad range of drafting skills using both manual processes (technical/perspective drawing, rendering with markers, 3d model construction) and digital processes (computer-aided drafting, 3D digital modeling). The drawing classes teach the essential skills of producing architectural sketches, elevations and renderings by hand with simulated finishes, textiles, and lighting. The digital design and drafting classes utilize the most current software (AutoCAD, Revit, 3ds Max, SketchUp) relevant to the fields of architecture and engineering. Students learn to produce a wide range of creative design solutions that are in line with current industry standards and attuned to the latest Building Information Modeling (BIM) systems. Whether they’re sketching by hand, generating architectural plans and working drawings in AutoCAD and Revit, or producing 3D architectural visualizations in 3ds Max, students at MADE are valuable skills that will lead them directly into the job market.

MADE also emphasizes the importance of strong creative thinking and communication skills, as these are key to long-term job growth. By being able to speak the language of architects and interior designers, and contribute input to the design process, drafters can continually open doors within their place of employment. To that end, students in MADE’s Architectural Drafting and Design are challenged to conceptualize designs that exemplify their unique artistic vision and practice the verbal and written communication skills needed to present their ideas in a persuasive manner.

With a combination of technical, creative and communication skills focused on job readiness, graduates from MADE’s Architectural Drafting and Design program are prepared to seek employment or pursue further education in architecture, interior design or product design.

Architectural Drafting & Design
  • Program Length: 
    16 months
  • Admissions: 
    Resume, High School Diploma (or equivalent), Enrollment Agreement
  • Careers & outcomes: 
    Architectural Drafter, CAD Architectural Drafter, CAD Designer, 3D Designer, BIM Specialist, BIM Coordinator, BIM Job Captain
    Preparation for continued study in Architecture, Interior Design and Product Design.
  • Skills & Software: 
    AutoCAD, 3ds Max, Revit, SketchUp, Photoshop
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  • Architectural Drafting and Design

    Computer Aided Drafting (CAD)

    Explore the breadth of design and modeling capabilities within the latest versions of AutoCAD and Revit. Students learn to create technical drawings, architectural plans, elevations and construction documents for a range of residential and commercial projects.

  • Architectural Communication and Functional Desig


    Learn to design environments that facilitate the flow of people through space. Examine the unique requirements of private, public, transportation and work spaces, then devise innovative solutions that inspire connection and improve productivity.

  • 3D Modeling and Visualization


    3D digital modeling is a highly desirable skill that involves the creation of realistic 3-Dimensional images and animations for architectural projects. Architects, interior designers and realtors all rely on 3D modelers to visualize their concepts to clients.

  • Acquire standards and graphic rules of an architects drawing


    Examine the industry-wide shift towards the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) systems for managing the complete architectural design and construction process, and learn specific skills applicable to the changing employment landscape.


  • architectural 01 - miamiartsdesign
  • architectural 02 - miamiartsdesign
  • architectural 03 - miamiartsdesign


  • Sketching, Lettering and Lines


  • Geometric Construction at M.A.D.E


  • Construction Materials and Methods


  • Principles of Structural Systems


  • Presentation Graphics




Graduates of the MADE Architectural Drafting and Design program are prepared to seek entry in the job market in the positions listed above and other related industries. The school supports graduates in their job search by providing contacts and offering personalized guidance on interview preparation. For graduates who choose to pursue higher education in the field of architecture, interior design or product design, MADE administration provides one-on-one help with researching schools and preparing their MADE portfolio to apply for substantial merit scholarships.

  • Architectural Drafter

  • CAD Architectural Drafter

  • CAD Designer

  • 3D Designer

  • BIM Specialist

  • BIM Coordinator

  • BIM Job Captain

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