M.A.D.E Diploma Programs

M.A.D.E is redefining the concept of a career school. Our programs incorporate high-level creative and critical thinking skills previously confined to 4-year colleges, with more hands-on technical training than traditional degree programs. M.A.D.E prepares graduates to perform in today’s fast paced work environments and communicate effectively with clients.

The focus is on Portfolio Development. Our programs feed into specific art and design industries where a portfolio is paramount to landing jobs. M.A.D.E graduates leave equipped with a cohesive portfolio of art or design showcasing their unique creative voice. We teach the art of persuasive presentation and professional contract negotiation so that our graduates are fully prepared to translate their success in the classroom into the workforce.

M.A.D.E is committed to providing an educational experience that is valuable, worthwhile and relevant to the burgeoning employment landscape. With small class size and one-on- one instruction, students are supported in reaching their highest potential. M.A.D.E is dedicated to producing the best-prepared professionals entering the industry.

CAD Diploma | Computer Aided Drafting | M.A.D.E School skills

Construction materials & methods (M.A.D.E.) Construction materials & methods (M.A.D.E.)

Building Information Modeling Skills | Architecture at MADE

  • Sketching, Lettering and Lines


  • Geometric Construction at M.A.D.E


  • Construction Materials and Methods


  • Principles of Structural Systems


  • Presentation Graphics




Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a new system for generating, editing and sharing all types of digital files related to the design and construction of architectural projects. BIM systems drastically cut down on the production time for designers and drafters by allowing design information to be automatically translated into any required document type for bidding, pricing, construction, etc.

Revit is the AutoDesk software that is aligned with current BIM systems in Architecture and Interior Design projects. MADE’s Architectural Drafting and Design program trains students to be adept Revit specialists. The teaching focuses on building a general understanding of the software capabilities while focusing on the specific requirements of related jobs in the local area. Revit tasks include building live models and producing a range of document types including floor plans, elevations, schedules, specifications, architectural details and construction documents.


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