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As the “Career School of Creative Design” we are uniquely positioned to be a valuable resource for the corporate community and other organizations here in South Florida.

Through our M.A.D.E Connections program, your company will access a pool of trained students eager to put their skills to the test. Our Academic Advising Department can work with your hiring team to select the finest candidates. Learn more about partnering with M.A.D.E by sending us an intro email to 


  • Internships: Our advanced students can provide supplemental creative design support for your organization while gaining valuable professional experience. M.A.D.E faculty and administration support students to ensure they are fully prepared be valuable contributors in their workplace.
  • Graphic Design Support: Connect with us to see how we can support your graphic design needs while assisting our students in building their creative portfolios. Supervised by our seasoned faculty, our advanced students can provide you with design support from logos to brochures.
  • Event Planning: Utilize the faculty and students in our Event Design program to support your next event. Reduce the stress on your internal resources and get help with conceptualizing, planning, marketing and executing your event.
  • Professional Development: With a roster of experienced faculty specializing in art and design disciplines, we are a resource for the professional development and continuing education of your team. We can create custom workshops and mini-programs to fit your needs or enroll select members of your team in one of our industry-focused certificate programs.

Let’s Connect!

We are very excited to explore the best ways in which we can build a mutually beneficial partnership with you. We invite you to continue the conversation and visit our campus as the first steps in cultivating a relationship which supplements your resources with ours. Let’s connect today!

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