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Student Internships


Explore creative career opportunities through internships

We work with companies and organizations to allow students the opportunity to gain real, hands-on work experience during their studies. Internships enable students to begin building a competitive resume, networking with professionals and move on to do remarkable things in their field of choice. Although not required, we highly recommend and encourage all students to complete at least one internship before completing their program. Our Career Services department is available for all students looking to obtain an internship.

Our Esteemed Internship Partners

Do I need to complete an internship to graduate?

Internships are not required for graduation. We do, however, highly recommend all students to complete an internship for the opportunity to practice skills learned through their coursework.

Can I intern with a company not listed with M.A.D.E?

Yes, students can intern with a company not listed with M.A.D.E. The internships listed with M.A.D.E are provided for the convenience of students.

Will I receive school credit for the internship?

No school credit is given for internships.

Do I have to pay for my internship credit?

No, there is no additional fees for internship because students will not receive an additional credit.

Will my internship reflect on my school transcript?

No, internship information will not be provided on your school transcript. Students however, are encouraged to add internship positions to their resume.

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